Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mirror Others or Yourself?

A mirror is for self reflection and self realization. Looking in the mirror for years just to understand your own features, your eyes, a gate to the soul and last but not least understanding or helping 'yourself'.

Today I saw something about myself. That mirror that everyone wants to discover, their own persona, mine was in every individual's face I have interacted with. A maternal universal soul. A woman has the ability to mother the universe, a strength that not many people are capable of, only the fresh souls that believe in good. When you share your vitality and spirit with individuals, the vitality inside yourself slowly transforms into the ghost that hunts you. Since not everyone is you. That mirror should be personal, situated opposite you, only you, to find you, what makes you happy, what method works for you as you, not following the vitality of others and believing they know the answers. Since that will bring yourself and others down.

A mirror is not an object to put on different individual's head's to help them, hence you will only see yourself in others and that is a form of selfishness as well, it might seem genuine at momentary aspects, however, every individual has a separate destiny, a separate path to follow, separate body parts, separate minds. Therefore that mirror that you put on their heads will break and turn into poison, since they never understand you, a statement that most people mention, why do you not understand my mind?
When you look into that personal mirror, one to one with yourself, moment of self realization, then there is no need to look into people's eyes as if it is the mirror of your own.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My Tale of War & Piss

The moment of blood and joy.. You can choose the red pill or the blue pill to escape, however there is no escape from our most private homes. Our brains.. We can control, we can give, we can hate, we can love, we can do whatever the hell we want with this cabbage form  of organ.
Screw haters and accept love from whomever it feels right.

A journey of war or peace? The answer is in our brains.. Dali Lama said it's an art to find peace in chaos. He said it, followed by so many other similar philosophies.

Recently I made a film which was loved and hated by some. Loved by those whom thought of me of a girl with a verbally dreamy attitude and some who could not bare to see a feminine petite girl can be a fucking animal and stand up like an animal and run for what I like and believe in, which was myself. This taught me that life is not always unicorns and animals fight to get what they want. I can be a fighter if it is in front of me, however I step with respect and peace until the first pissfull moment smashes my peace. Just like a lion spotting danger. I rawr and fight back. There comes the guilt that people put on your shoulders while trying to do something for yourself, they blame you for not being like the way they are. Well my five finger do not look fuckin similar,

Thus you give in to guilt, you will analyze and balance the wrong and right. Never run away from guilt, cause it might not be a form of guilt that you think, yet it is an alarm for re-thinking life, even on behalf of your surroundings.

The power we give everyday by listening to the news, by listening to a mate, by going to work with negativity, it is more powerful than we realize.
Therefore we have to find that peace within, in order to be in harmony with everyone and everything. A peaceful fighter, is also a fighter. We need to realize this life is war, whether in news or history or work or school, it's all a battle, but imagine if everyone found something beautiful inside themselves through this battle? Wouldn't that be idealistic? no cause without that darkness we would never see the brightest colors and lights. Now that's badASS but realistic ;)

I am going to shut my mercury retro mouth now

Have a good night everyone and try to find a sense of peace, hence, do not loose to the battle of darkness, since you are giving it power and power and that should teach you to you rise not fall...

Friday, 19 February 2016

Human beings are ODD

Two types of human beings in this universe: 

1. Reactions towards Life
2. Actions towards Life 

Reactions are the types that find a meaning by an accident or incident of action. 

Actions are the types that are in search of a meaning through action, that is why they always follow an active productivity...! 

Recently, I came to the conclusion that the world is my oyster and I can eat IT! Oysters are good for fertility and womanhood! I love my nutrition's and greens. It is all about living up to the sun and being fresh when you open your eyes, this coming from a person that has seen the sun in various countries and yet appreciates it, since it is the light of joy, the fire of warmth and the brightness of hidden mysteries. With the sun we see and how can you wake up feeling gloomy when the sun is out? It helps you observe this beautiful universe, this is why I am a happy person, I appreciate the smallest things as just seeing things in the street as if it is the most valuable among all.
My best friend of 15 years recently commented on my personality as if I am constantly looking for excitement in everything!
Yet, as a human I do crash and do mistakes.

I have been in search of a visual dream. As a teenager I would have dreams, often similar to short movies, I would wake up with so many questions about these dreams?
Thus, I sat down and wrote about my dreams and ended up in Prague Film School for my visual literacy. I had no idea how to hold a camera when I lived in Prague and was unaware of the film industry, where I was surrounded by individuals whom were very talented and already passed the phase of figuring out where the shutter button is!!! I was terrified and my confidence was not very high in my work. I started talking to my script-writing and directing lecturers, which both helped me start my film creativity in two aspects. My script-writing lecturer taught me about how to give excitement and twist to my stories, where to begin, description of characters, narration of a story and the whole script-writing steps, which helped me organize my awful psycho romance movie in a more comprehensive manner.
My directing teacher taught me to rush and be more organized. He showed me how to manage my time, yet I have a long way to go with managing my time. I am always late but I have realized in the end I give a complete and collected information, which is all the hard work I do in order to have a perfect outcome, yet I like to take my time with creating! Not many people have the patience but I am fortunate enough to have a "I-Will-Do-How-I-Want-To-Do-It_Attitude" and no force that is equivalent to my anatomy can stop me ;)

I have attended Dubai Film festival, Traveled across America and lived in Michigan for 7 months. Made over 9 short films and worked on over 30. Written 100 short scripts and stories. Also done some photography, fashion design and interior design bits and bobs.

There has been a lot of stories to each of these adventures, yet I like to move forward and begin this blog with adventures of present towards future with a spice of old lessons added to it.

Today I am in my third year of my bachelors degree, studying "Experimental Cinema". I must have done something right? Yes and no, I have issues and regarding some unfortunate life mistakes, I am at that stage of rushing now, locking myself in the library and hunting for various jobs yet I observe every step of my growth and it has not been as fast yet more in-depth learning. I am proud of myself and looking forward to see what the future has to say and share it with all of you.

I will end today's writing with one of my analytical life quotes.

Daily alarms,
Daily joy,
Daily pain,
Daily jobs,
Daily routine,
Daily peace,
Daily chaos...

These all feel heavy or overwhelming sometimes, that is the moment where I realized the most power exist.

If you have that power, rejecting it or disappointed in that heavy weight will just push you down yet if you try to pick up the heavy weights

, you will gain muscles of strength, whether these muscles being physical or mental.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

A little souvenir for the girls

Girls night out, searching through the closet of madness, finding a bunch of dresses that you know you will try on every single one and find a problem that accures and is bothering you so much that you must change, at 11:00 pm your friends come screaming in your room with more alcohol and see you in your bra and knickers and scream more, we're F***IIiing laaate bitch. While you waltz into that perfect dress, which with one look, everyone will undress you with their eyes.

Let's get a cab,
It's a ten minute walk,
I can't walk in these heals...

This is where the painful journey of walking begins, a ten minute walk, while being dragged by one of your mates that is shouting at your uncomfortable extremely high healed shoes.
Fudge this!
You end up getting there, rushing to the bar and waiting to get some thing down that throat to forget about that walk, where the first douche-burger begins to try his luck..
You are one of the hottest girls in this club..
You're not..!
Ouuch,, Owwww,, baaam..
What is he thinking,
bitch, I am in pain, my feet are killing me and I want a drink, if you want my attention, you have to observe the person and search for what they need in that second and kindly but seductively approach with a solution, then give the idea of sharing a drink and making fun of the awful music that makes my ears want to cry while bleeding. However, I do not expect every being in this world to be that charming.

Then it's the weirdo on the dance-floor, staring at you like a dog with a bone in front of him and as you do not care, since it is not interesting and you  are out to enjoy your own moment, while dancing to the old school song that reminds you of fun days of music and constant laughter, your girlfriend's bum suddenly appears in your face, it's time to show your moves, like a fucking video game, one has to be a head and the amount you are both trying to prove that you are the hottest dancers there, that's where the attractive hunters are observing and offer you a comfy seat and a drink, while wanting to know more about you and ladies, we all know that we love talking about the "I", just talking about yourself, gives you a sense of connection with anyone and I mean anyone lol That is where you have to be smart ;)
Anyways, he's hot stuff and the rest is going to be a mystery..

Next blog will be about an introduction of a film-making student's life.. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

A spirit in a body is a mixture of an animal and an intellectual being. Sex, food and habitat is our animal instincts. Our choices for our options, is inside our intellectual being. Wisdom comes from visions and experience. Spending minutes of life exploring life and understanding the mysteries. Questioning the negatives and passing through the positives, Wisdom is standing far and observing, Visualizing the answers and dancing to the positive sounds of other souls and nature. Fighting and rejecting the negatives with strength and enjoy with loving more and more.. By loving more, meaning stop and seriously stop and say no to negativity and run through positivity like a storm. Be wild in positivity, explore it, find yourself and reach a sense of completion to be able to connect to anything of your interest.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Feminine Voice

My new blog "The feminine voice" which also is a part of my research for my dissertation madness.

-Opposite Freudian's patriarchal ideas, yet his analysis of the psycho analysis used for female anatomy has been brought to attention.
Human beings look for another similar human, using phrases "to be saved", or "to be complete", usually women being the hunters nowadays. Yet that is impossible, the concept of being saved in this universe. There is no such thing as being saved. The person whom usually wants to save you, is the one you need to be saved from! (Life has tricks, similar to a puzzle, in which we have to figure out) I personally enjoy my life, which there is no need to be saved by any phallus, or saved at all. That is just a sexual tool, nothing to save a woman, it is not there to dominate a woman. Not there to manipulate your ideas as an individual. But something to help create, which creating is not for everyone, since creating another being is not something light. It is humorous how some boys, since "men" is an earned statement, think because they have a penis, they can rule anything or the world with that external organ lololol
Let me rephrase, a penis is nothing more than just a sexual tool to bring pleasure. Which women have better tools, but you never see a woman, commenting on how she can rule the world with her breasts. (Although I'm going to say it, once in a while, for a laugh) That's all it is, not to use it as a form of owning another human being. Hence partnership is not ownership, therefore partnership is about self discovery and individualism.
Individualism, is a constant movement for personal growth, yet we find our own company boring. Movement as a singular motion is fearful, or is it exciting? Being able to choose and discover various mysteries.